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Silicone Render in Essex | Silk Render Ltd

Mobile: 07534738068

Email: silkrenderltd@gmail.com

Silicone Render

Silicone Render

At Silk Render Ltd, we specialise in all aspects of rendering including our premium silicone render application. As an established team of render specialists in Essex, we are widely skilled and experienced in working with silicone render, which allows us to achieve results that stand out from the crowd with every project we take on. Therefore, if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind silicone render application, our team at Silk Render Ltd are perfect for the job.

Silicone render is known for its wide array of qualities. As a breathable, vapour-permeable, hydrophobic material with a thin coat finish, silicone render is an ideal render choice to water seal the walls of a property, making silicone render perfect for property owners throughout the UK (where rainfall is often significant).

Why choose silicone render?

Some of the many qualities of silicone render include:

    Water repellent

    Prevents damp

    Low maintenance

    Allows structure to breathe

    Natural aesthetic & finish

    Diverse colour options

    And more.

The hydrophobic material within silicone render works by repelling any water that falls onto it. This means, any precipitation that falls onto the walls simply runs off the material, leaving the surface in a resilient, clean condition. At Silk Render Ltd, we advise all customers living in areas situated near trees and plant life to undergo a silicone render application on their property. This will eliminate excess moisture absorption from outdoor greenery, which long term prevents major issues such as damp.

Alongside being water repellent, silicone render also comes with the advantage of being a thin application. At Silk Render Ltd, our silicone render coating is usually applied between 6-8mm, making this render type highly flexible, allowing it to move with the walls. Therefore, as the walls of the property naturally shift over time, the silicone render also moves with them, ensuring the property is protected against external elements at all times.

We understand preference can vary when it comes to the aesthetics of render and with this, we provide our customers with a diverse range of silicone render colours and stains. This allows us to accommodate all customers and their unique specifications. To do this, we conduct a full planning process at the beginning of our render projects, whereby we discuss the intricate details of the job at hand.

At Silk Render Ltd, we are fully equipped with top-of-the-range tools and equipment, which we use to apply our silicone render, meticulously. To ensure all of our silicone render results are optimal, we conduct our application process during dry weather conditions, further leaving a couple of days for the render to set. Once this process is complete, the silicone render is then likely to upstand with little to no maintenance for a minimum of a decade. This makes our silicone rendering services cost-worthy long time, alongside providing our customers with full reassurance that their walls are protected against damp and the likelihood of the exterior walls crumbling, is near impossible.

For more information on our top-quality silicone render, call our team at Silk Renders Ltd on 07534738068, where one of our specialists will provide you with a no-obligation quote and begin the process of discussing your render project.

" Really happy with the insulation and silicone rendering. Lee gave us excellent advice before he started and kept us informed throughout. The results are amazing. Our house looks like a new one and is quieter and warmer. The team were reliable, polite and hard working. Would definitely recommend this company. "

Amanda Trustatrader.com

" Really good workmanship, professional and friendly team. Lee and team is very responsive to your needs from initial contact to after completion. I had the house externally insulated and rendered - significant improvement in heat retention and looks really good too. Overall very happy with the services. "

Zan Trustatrader.com

" Lee and the team have been brilliant from start to finish. From the 1st phone call (giving advice) to completing the job. Lee, Scott and Sean are friendly, reliable and they take pride in what they do. Thank you for doing a great job rendering my house and answering all my questions. I would recommend them without any hesitation. "

Sarah Trustatrader.com

For more information about the rendering services we provide, please get in touch now by giving us a call on 07534738068 or by clicking the link below to view our contact page where you can send us an enquiry online.

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